Welcome to BucksWorld.net …it’s been a while and it would be great to hear from anybody from the old BucksWorld.com days before my beloved domain was snatched away. As it turns out, I could have easily prevented that event had I locked-down my domain placement, but I was unaware that such a thing existed.

ANYHOW … out with the old, in with the new.

This domain is a hosting site for  my family and friends. Some have their own domain parked here, others park content such as images and other stuff here, and others still have their own blogs, special pages, etc.

It’s not a family site, per se, and it’s certainly not an all-out “family friendly” site either. Some of my friends and their opinions might offend, so be forewarned: I don’t do outside input about what I allow to be posted on my site.

If something expressed here offends your sensibilities, then you are free to simply leave. However, if i INVITED you here and you’ve found reason for offense, I’ll listen. Doesn’t mean I’ll change anything, but at least I’ll listen.

Fair ‘nuf?

Let’s let the big ol, bad ol cartoon begin!

(content to be added soon)