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Rather than proffer yet another passé Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, we’ve prepared this nifty Travel Guide for our happy little home here in the backwaters of cyberspace.

Hopefully this will make your stay here a more pleasurable one.

Thank you for visiting our site! It truly is an honor to have people not only return, but to have people like you who take the time to click about and explore the place!

Your curiosity is about to be rewarded, my friend …

Oh yes it is!


Contents (although, if this is your first time on this page, take your time to read all the way through):



A few words from our fearless and most benevolent leader. Some think him an evil overlord, but nothing could be further from the truth; he is kind, he is goodly, he is most generous in his compassion … albeit in a manner that is just a little blunt and/or direct at times.

Beside that, ‘evil’ really has a negative connotation to it, ya know?

Anyhow …

and you’ll find that I have to reset myself, sometimes a lot, and I do that by taking a deep breath and usually focusing on a specific thought. Sort of a mnemonic cursor; a means of triggering a specified or designed state of mind. In my case, one that I have to employ frequently in my writing efforts is “anyhow” … more disciplined and choosy writers would rather engage in the exhausting efforts needed to edit a written work. Hey, if it was important enough to type in the first place … but:

Anyhow …


Comments / Feedback is an open blog for people that enjoy expressing themselves with the written word, namely with the intent to entertain. As such, feedback really does bring warmth to the soul of the author / word-entertainer / sit-down comic.

Seriously, it does …

Over the years, with my own domains, I have refrained from ever pointing the dreaded Finger of Authority at my readers and scolded or attempted to control them. And I hope that’s not the intent now … or should I say, I hope you don’t feel that I am pointing “you” out, but hey … I can’t assume responsibility for “your” feelings.

All the same, if you make it all the way to the end of a blog post then there’s a better than average chance that you enjoyed the journey there. That also probably means our writer did their job well.

Please, take a brief moment to let them know that you liked the ride. In fact, feel free to offer up your thoughts on what you didn’t like, if such is the case. I do not invite thin-skinned, weak-minded writers to be part of this online experience. So please, be cool enough to take a moment to drop a comment at the end of a blog post and let let the author know you were there.

Anyhow … if there is that stereotypical silence where the sound of crickets is comparatively deafening, then perhaps we failed.

I probably need to take that into deeper consideration.

But in the meantime, please understand that I’m working this whole issue of comments because we have been adding guest authors and I want their experience here to be a good one.


A few thoughts about the whole commentating process:

* Your email address is no longer required.  Oh yeah!

HOWEVER … the experience is thoroughly enriched if you are a registered member (see below) or, better still, a Gravatar member! (we discuss that more below, check it out if you’re not aware of this most awesome service!).

Your email is definitely YOUR business, we understand that. NOBODY has access to your email address and it will, forever, remain private. If you do enter your email address the blog server discretely encodes that entry and asks Gravatar if you are a registered user. If so, your global avatar is shown along side of comments you leave here. Those of you who hang out on any of the social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, et al, are already familiar with this nifty little extra.


If you REGISTER as a member of this website/blog, you can avoid entering your email address all the time by clicking on LOG ON any time you visit this blog before you start leaving comments and you won’t have to enter anything except for your comment. Thing is, you do need to log in each time you visit (assuming you closed the browser window used on your prior visit). This log in feature is really convenient if you’re planning on leaving multiple comments, or if you get started in a “comment battle” with another person. In such cases it’s not uncommon to keep a browser window open and occasionally Refresh that page.

Anyhow …



Why register? Well, pretty much to save yourself the irritation of entering your name/nickname, email address, & website every time you post a comment.

Also, only registered users are able to be upgraded to blog Authors, but that’s another story for another time …

So, anyhow … when it comes to the subject of registering: Just Do It!

That wasn’t a trademark violation, was it?

  • After you’re registered, you MUST USE your chosen nickname to log in in the future. If you forget your password, there’s a link on the log-in page labled, “”Lost your password?” Click on that and you’ll be walked through having a new password assigned.



Why on Earth, you may ask, would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, the short answer is to be informed about new blog posts as they are posted. In fact, that’s about the only reason I can think of now that I think about it.

Anyhow … we currently offer three (that’s right, 3) subscription options for your blog subscribing pleasure. 1) RSS, 2) eMail, 3) Twitter.

The upper right area of every page on this blog site displays the following set of three images; those are links to the three available subscription methods:


The first (left-most) is for RSS subscriptions. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” If you’re not familiar with it or don’t use it already, then this is not the option for you.

Fair ‘nuff? (but it’s really easy, so I also suggest you take a few minutes to learn what it is and how easy it is to use)

Option number next is email. Notice how it looks like an envelope? Yeah, that’s the international symbol for email and clicking on the little envelope will take you to the ‘FeedBurner’ subscription page. There are a number of options, actually. If you have a  customized “My Yahoo” or “My Goggle” page that you regularly use, you can select the appropriate option on that page. However, if you are like me (an electronic age equivalent to a Neanderthal) then drag your mental knuckles a few more lines down the right side of the subscription page and look for the link:


the email option is, in my opinion, is a LAST RESORT option. You don’t even receive the email until as long as 12 hours after a post is added here. I REALLY hate that particular shortcoming of FeedBurner.

All the same, click on that puppy and it’ll hook you up with an email feed; but again, expect major delays in getting that email.

Finally, we have Twitter. I don’t use it … I do not condone nor condemn the usage thereof, I simply know it’s wildly popular and is used by a number of people for this very purpose.


Custom Avatars

We are proud to announce that The Wonderful World of Buck now works in conjunction with the fine people at Gravatar. Well, that’s really more a matter of the fact that WordPress now owns Gravatar, but anyhow …

If you don’t already have a Gravatar account set up, head over there right now and fix that problem!

Wait … I should probably explain why first, huh? Gravatar is a FREE service (yay free!) that allows you to create a … wait for it … (G)lobally (R)ecognized (Avatar).

Did you notice how that explains their funny name? Of course you did … that’s why smart blog readers choose Buck!

Simply put, you create an account (takes mere moments to do), and then you can upload as many images as you want that will be associated with your email account. From that point forward, any time you post a blog comment at ANY Gravatar-compatible blog, your custom, personalized image is displayed alongside your comments.

Neato, huh?


What IS a Kaon anyhow?

In short, you really don’t want to know. One the one hand, I’d like to say that it’s meaning has more to do with particle physics definition of a kaon, but in no way does that preclude the more obvious nod to koan of Zen Buddhism. If you’ve followed my goofy antics around the internet these past couple decades, you may have  noticed that I am not ashamed to claim Christ as my spiritual head, my savior to use the nomenclature of the churched.

However, I also tend to think myself somewhat of a Zen-like person in certain aspects of life. When my Funk-Shui is not out of order, I enjoy being amongst those who do “Move the Groove of the Cosmic Vibe.” Not being a Buddhist does not preclude one from being part of the universe into which we’ve all been born. Like the Mayans and Aztecs, some within the Asian culture over the  millennia have made astounding observations of how the universe operates and interacts.

But alas, I digress. The answer is both … yet neither.

Ah … you actually just observed a Koan.

Felt good, didn’t it?


  • Brandi Shae (8 years)

    Praise the Lord Buck. That’s awesome…and I didn’t really know that about you, surprisingly!

    • Evil Overlord (8 years)

      Well, my previous two internet incarnations (both on MySpace) sort of … uh … well … went entirely in a different direction while I vented a little bile! :o)

  • Jersey (8 years)


    • Evil Overlord (8 years)

      Jersey Girl !!!!!!!!! Whatuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup????

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