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“Hi, my name is Buck Weezer …”

A number of friends know me as “Buck.” That actually goes back several decades now … wow, I’m getting old now that I think about it.

A little bit about me is probably in order, huh?

I am an aspiring writer / sit down comic /artist / musician / wood worker / landscaper / gardener / pond keeper / Fimo clay artisan / photographer / paintball Jedi master / film critic / screenwriter / quasi-philosopher / Golden Tee ace / pilot / dog whisperer / armchair economist / poltical activist, on the moderately conservative side / pool hustler / dyslexic savant / ninja pimp with a passing obsession with quantum physics.

Yeah, aspiring obviously applies to all.

I like long walks in the rain, supple breasts, listening to the sorts of songs that are masterful works of art because of the sincerity and transparency of the soul of the performer(s) / artist(s) — did I really need to go there with double parenthetic s’s?

I’m a capable stock analyst, a loving father, a sometimes difficult to live with husband, proud brother to an incredibly intelligent and disturbingly hilarious brother, and extraordinarily proud, not to mention blesssed, son of two wonderful parents who are routinely part of my life.

Did I mention that I am an unwaveringly faithful husband to a very beautiful, loving, hard working, woman who melts my heart with just her smile?

At this point I dare say you won’t be surprised to see me write something like, “I absolutely LOVE my job, my family, and all of the good things and people whereby my life has been graced with their very presence. “

Wow … just writing that gave me one of those endearing, “Hey, that felt good” warm & fuzzy feeling all inside moments!

It has been said that it is only reasonable that life be walked with a demeanor of one with a physical smile that emanates from a warm, sincere, optimistic heart.

Sometimes I just want to pelvis punch the people who achieve that place in life. I mean, I obviously don’t do that … seriously, I truly do appreciate and think well of them who have found that place of peace and contentment within … and beside, I’m really not all that violent. Just keep your damned hands off my wife. You really don’t want to be provoking me like that.

Oh, and I cannot STAND the smell of Robutussin DM in the morning … or any other time of the day.

Oh man, don’t even GO THERE on that one with me …

* * *

Back in the mid 1990’s I created what eventually became a moderately popular website, BucksWorld.com and “The Wonderful World of Buck!” was born. Initially, I created the domain in hopes of eventually finding a long lost friend, Chumly. As fate would have it, he DID find me via that website. Neat, huh?

I’ll ramble about that some other time (losing my DOT COM domain) … no worries, it’ll only bring out the ultra bitchy side of me, and nobody really wants to see that.

Except you, you sicko.

So, what other pointless trivial bovine excrement is there for me to dredge up and find words for?

Oh, wait … I have a little anecdotal story from my seemingly distant past.

The sense of anecdote as well as the perception of distance being entirely personal, of course …

to me, that is.

// function __SelfIndulgence(Insomnia, Sober: boolean): string; inline;

Many many years ago, in a land far, far away, existed a Teen Challenge band of musicians and a choir that toured America, singing and otherwise entertaining the masses and sharing their individual messages of devastation-turned-to-hope through the power of God. … Etcetera.

I was their first guitar player, actually. Sadly, I don’t even remember what we called ourselves at the time … as I said, it was a LONG time ago. For those of you unaware, “Teen Challenge” is an international Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation program founded in the 1960’s by David Wilkerson, author and real-life protagonist of the book, “The Cross and the Switchblade.“

Oddly enough, I actually read that book not long before falling prey to years of drug addiction and all manner of insanity.

But what does any of that have to do with my not entirely self-applied nickname?

During our first road tour, I had been christened with the nickname “Weezer” by our sound engineer and the guy who would become one of my life long best friends: Rick “Chumly” Sellers. I’d been conferred this name upon his discovery that, when caused to laugh overly hard for any significant duration, it would often trigger a mild asthmatic reaction and, thusly, audible wheezing through my fits of coughing/laughter . These were in the final years of my childhood asthma that I eventually outgrew. All the same, Chumly got some sort of sadistic charge from this and not only made every effort to lure me into fits of laughter, but also insisted on never again addressing me by the Christian name that my loving mother and father had given me. Instead, I was only referred to and introduced to others by him as, “Weezer” or, more often than not, just, “Weez.”

We were all but inseparable from that day forward.

While on another tour some months later, we were listening to a cassette from the wildly popular Christian-Jewish comedy troupe, Issac Air Freight. Kinda-sorta like Cheeck & Chong, but without the drugs and what-have-you.

One character enters the scene and introduces himself, “Hi … my name is Buck Weezer!

Almost every guy on the tour bus (we had this really groovy, early 70’s Greyhound bus) turned their heads in unison and stared at me for a second. Before a word could be said, Chumly stood and announced, “How ’bout that, ever’body?!?!?! Wheezer finally has himself a full name!”

Several of the men barked out in unison, “Buck!”

Our leader/mentor, Bernie, turned and mimicked a papal hand gesture as he announced, “By the power vested in me by the Lord God, Creator of the heavens and the Earth, I confer unto thee thy new name, ‘Buck Wheezer’.”

That was early 1981 and the name has stuck ever since.

Chumly and I remain in touch to this day, and have no lack of hearty laughter and wonderful journeys down memory lane.

// end;
// __SelfIndulgentMemoryDrift(true, false)

* * *

To be continued …


* * *

[ Button.FastForwad.Push ]

Well, this really isn’t a continuation, per se, as much as it is a minor afterthought. Something even less than the ubiquitous post script. p.s., if you will.

You may have noticed that quite a few veiled references to and random quotes from various of the Coen brothers cinematic masterpieces have found their way into the making of this “about me” page.

Am I wrong?

No, Wezr … you’re just an @**hole!

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