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Dec 2009 update: we have since moved all the overtly serious material over to a sister blog: http://Politico.BucksWorld.net

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BUT … if you want an idea what I believe, below a brief summary. Otherwise, consider yourself welcomed!

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Okay, onto the stuff I left out of the “about me” page …

When it comes to matters political, please know up front that my leanings are more Right than Left. While I consider myself conservative, especially on matters fiscal, I do have a softer side of me that is also socially liberal. Albeit not in the modern sense of “liberal equals liberalism / humanism.”

I really don’t care what your political views and beliefs are. They are YOURS and you’ve come to whatever conclusions and beliefs you hold today through the experience and influences of the  life you’ve lead thus far.

You do NOT need to agree with me about any of my views. Most of my “calls to action” when it comes to politics are sent out to EVERY BODY, not just those who share my opinion. Whatever your opinions may be, I do hope we can agree on one thing: we need to clean house on Capital Hill, and we need to clean it up soon.

One of my biggest gripes with modern American politics is the good-old-boy network of career politicians. THEY HAVE LOST TOUCH with why they were elected and who it is that they are actually representing.

We need men and women in office possessed with an above-average level of common sense. More importantly, men and women who are willing to TRULY VOW to uphold the Constitution and to legislate accordingly. I’ve grown weary of the decades long efforts of the likes of the ACLU and OUR OWN DULY ELECTED OFFICIALS to undermine and warp the actual heart and spirit of our Constitution. It IS time for Change!

It may seem as unfortunate to you that I do not share the belief that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is the man who embodies the change that American needs today. In fact, I do not believe the man will ever be capable of seeing the world in any way similar to how it was viewed by the founding fathers. He gave us an empty, non-descript promise of “Change!” and — by golly — he’s giving it to us in toxic and, dare I say, potentially leathal quantities.

It has been said, “Shit rolls down hill.”

The toxic, fecal waste that has flowed from Capital Hill and has filled the belway to overflowing has come not only from the White House. We have had one president in recent memory who has not attempted to sell us out in one way or another: Ronald Reagan. Sadly, I must admit that I am aware of the fact that the Bush family has embraced the “New World Order.” Both Bush administrations made bold moves to enact legislation that was pushed upon us by outside influences, namely the United Nations. This has been especially true with the education system.

The ocean of dung in which our once great Republic is slowly choking upon and drowning within flows not only from the White House, but from the halls of Congress and from the Senate as well. These men and women who possibly began their political careers with purpose and goofd intent have transformed into a pack of ravenous hyenas whose sole purpose is to remain in office and promote their individual agenda. Almost all of them have lost touch with who it is that they represent.

They now represent a loud, noisy, disturbingly small fringe minority. They are afraid of the media, with the help of radical civil “rights” groups, portraying them in a negative light and have succumbed to the bullying tactics of certain tiny minority groups. They have slowly undermined the Constitution and have fanned the flames of social disorder.

Regardless of which side of the party line you choose to stand, it is VITAL that we remove these people from our Congress and Senate and replace them with men and women who WILL listen to their constituents and who WILL lead and legislate with integrity, common sense, and with the future of our Republic being held in greater esteem than the whims and manipulation of the likes of the U.N. and the Rockefeller family.

Showing up at the voting polls is not action enough, though. Such an act is no more impressive than a group of domesticated pigs gathering around a feeding trough.

Your President, Congressman and Senator all need to hear your voice. So too does your Mayor and town council. They listen to those who speak up … and, sadly, most of us have remained silent enjoying our own little versions of “Utopia” that we atempt to build around us.

Place letters in the mail … send FAXes to your various representatives offices … speak up and let your voice be heard in other ways as well. It is disturbing to me that it is treated as unacceptable for me to share my moral or religious beliefs in a calm, non-accusatory, non-judgemental way. While, on the other hand, those who’ve chosen lifestyles that others find deviant are encouraged to express themselves freely and are coming to expect to never be questioned or disagreed with.

Freedom of speech has been warped … it is used as a cloak to hide pedophiles and other panderers of pornography. It has been warped by political correctness to slience a majority who holds various traditional beliefs only to empower an almost mathetically insignificant minority.

Freedom OF religion has morphed by this same fringe minority into freedom FROM religion.

Common sense is no longer common place … and it’s time for you and I to take a stand and begin taking back some of the precious ground we’ve haplessly allowed to be taken from us.

The “bad guys” have an almost 100 year head start on us, so it’s not going to be an easy battle and it will not end quickly.

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