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Facts are a difficult thing …


Sorry for the long silence here on the blog … it’s been a pretty crazy month. Not sure where to start, or if I even should. Personal challenges abound, but there’s something I try to remind myself as often as possible:

Worse things have happened to better people …

Of course, when we’re in the dumps, it can sometimes be easy to be cynical about even the simplest of facts. But facts, they say, are a difficult thing.

Facts are difficult because they do not bend to our denial, they are not affected by our lies, they remain stalwart and seemingly silent, but that “silence” can become deafening.

When everything is said and done, there is always three sides to every story: Yours, Mine & The Truth.

Sadly, it is too easy to cling to the first thought that comes to mind. Surely, our ego assures us, we cannot be wrong. Ahhhh … the joy of arrogance and the heart-warming bliss of denial!

Truth can only be found by those who seek for her. Those who refuse to seek Truth will never find her, and in this self imposed ignorance we bring chaos and disorder into our lives as well as the lives of those around us. Before we know it, we are so lost and confused that we cannot even remember when or how we even lost our way. This is the path of denial, and it only leads to darker places.

Life changes and so do we; we either get “better” or we get “worse.”  In fact, the whole of our lives is a combination of both, but hopefully — in the bigger picture — we are at least directionally correct.

I visited with an old friend for the first time in a really long time yesterday. From the moment I shook his hand and gave him an embrace I could tell that things have changed for the better in that man’s soul. He has never seemed this much at peace. The time that we did get to spend together was good but entirely too short. I now wish I had asked more questions and spent more time listening.

It also left me looking at my own life …

Life changes and so do we … and in our living and changing there are certain that things that always remain.

Facts, they say, are a difficult thing.

The Diva-ittudes …


Okay, so perhaps not EVERYTHING on this blog is Sex, Religion, or Politics (and the occasional stab at humor) …


Well, in retrospect … I guess my selecting this image for the main story lead-in sort falls on the side of “sex” … oh well. I’m still categorizing it otherwise for now …

Mariah was recently quoted in the Brit celebrity magazine, Hello!, as saying:

some people think I’m a demanding diva. I have no idea why people have that impression!”

Why, I wondered, would she even feel compelled to say such a thing?

Upon doing a little research I began to realize a little something that did not entirely surprise me.

The extraordinarily wealthy, especially here on our shoes in the U.S. … and especially more so with those whose fame and fortune have come by way of the entertainment business … do have tendencies that lean towards the unbearably narcissistic end of the scale. Fame seems to foster and encourage bizarre growths within the centers of the brain wherein lies our ego.

Rather than blather away about my own imaginings, however, let me just put a few factual things on the table of discussion and YOU tell me if she has just cause for her above-quoted bewilderment:

Our goodly — albeit occasionally snaggle-toothed — friends on the other side of The Pond invited this same American pop culture icon to preside over the lighting of the Christmas lights at a prestigious Westfield shopping center in west London.  As many of the Hollywood elite are like to do, she had a few special requests and contingencies:

  1. A pink carpet upon which a Rolls Royce would drive upon, and a pink carpet leading from the vehicle to the podium from which she would perform said lighting ceremony.
  2. A wand, which she would wave, thusly signaling to someone ELSE that they should flip the big switch, lighting the lights on said Christmas tree.
  3. Pink, butterfly shaped confetti  was to them be showered upon her immediately after the lighting of said lights.
  4. As for security guards, she estimated that only 80 would be needful
  5. Personal entourage: smaller still at a mere 15 people.
  6. 100 whites doves … to be released during the rain of butterfly-shaped confetti.
  7. and 20 WHITE KITTENS surrounding her at the podium.

[ … insert bewildered, blinking stare here … ]

In another interview, Mariah reportedly said:

I am baffled, shocked and appalled when I am called a diva. I’ve never done one diva-ish thing in my life.”

Hmmm … maybe she’s got a point. I mean, in a recent filming of a commercial that included her two dogs, both Jack Russell terrorists — er, I mean, terriers — Mariah made the following comment:

My puppies are starring in this ad with me, too. I had my team with me but the pups had a mini entourage of their own, of course! And why wouldn’t they? It was a big shoot and even my entourage had an entourage – my stylist had an assistant, my security had extra security.”

Denial is a strange thing indeed, is it not?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, there are those who are NOT so morbidly self-absorbed that they are unable to offer an accurate self-assessment …

buiness-hoursNow THAT’S some blunt honesty there, folks!!!

I should really get back to work now. This little 15 minute side trek is on the verge of getting me terminally distracted.

By and by … the next week and a half will most likely be somewhat thin in the way of blogging as my sons are heading this way tomorrow to spend a week+ with us! [massive grin] … I may sign on to drop a few one-offs here and there, but otherwise … we’ll return to our regularly schedule inanity the week following.

Until then …



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