The late Alan Watts once referred to, “trying to speak the unspeakable, scrute the inscrutable and eff the ineffable.” The equally as late Douglas Adams was similarly inspired and once implored, “Let’s think the unthinkable, let’s do the undoable, let’s prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.”

Perhaps a little history behind the resurrection / re-introduction of this internet mini-series is in order …

A long time ago, on a website far, far away …

There was a happy little corner of said website where the host would post a pic and his visitors had to guess what it was they were actually looking at.

The game and its rules are stupefyingly simple: Below is an image. I already know what it is, you may or may not immediately figure it out.  There is no text, no dialogue, no jokes, no nothing from me after the pic except the comments section. There’s a reason for this … guess what the image is and win “valuable prizes”!!!

However, the deal is, you have immediately write down what first popped into your head upon the viewing of said image. Granted, there’s the old trust issue here … you can, and I have no way of knowing, spend as much time as you want pondering these oft-times rather ponderous images, or surf the ‘Net looking for the right answer … but that’s between you, God … oh, and that little CCTV I had installed in the ceiling above your compute a while back.

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So, register now! Is simple, it’s fun, and it’ll alleviate you of the need to have to constantly enter a name, email, etc. for each comment you leave here. Registered users will also eventually have the ability to post their own blogs here (or links to your own blog/website/whatever)

Easy enough? Okay, enough blathering on my part … let’s let the game begin!

What the Eff?