Well, after years of being part of an active (usually) blogging community over at the psycho-circus cesspool of cyberspace known as “MySpace” … I have finally broken free. Wish me luck as I busy myself cleaning off the muck and sludge from my soul that resulted from my stay there.

I have many things to say on the “plus” side about that site, but the negatives so far outweigh them that it seems silly to say any more than that.

So, in the midst of this ritual cleansing / cyber-decontamination process, I opted to also shave off a few excess rough edges from the bloggage / drivel / generalized vowel movements that I’ll begin posting here on my own domain. To those of you more accustomed to my past performances that border on the profane … bear with me. In all honesty, if I cannot articulate myself in equally as entertaining and laugh-engendering ways without, then I obviously have some issues … am I wrong?

… of course not!

After 13 years of posting my ongoing series, “It’s a &*$@ed Up World, Charlie Brown” … I am considering a name change along the lines of : “The News As Viewed Askew.” (that’s actually been an on-again / off-again alternate title for that same series)

Perhaps the former title with the semi-random ANSI characters might actually work, I dunno … I’ll have to ponder that one a little before wholeheartedly committing to it.

So, rather than ceaselessly ramble any further … let me end this by welcoming you. If you’re one of my readers from elsewhere, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment as it’s wonderful that you came along.

Until I have my next pix blog or installment of “The News as Viewed Askew” … feel free to click and enjoy!