Perhaps I should be careful to not take as lightly the title, “Ebrius Maximus!”

Wow, what … a … weekend!

. . .

Friday was a blast. Actually made it home at a decent hour and had a BLAST with Mikey and the gang.

Saturday, as some of my Facebook friends saw, I enjoyed a rather rewarding Golden Tee shot.

What made it particularly rewarding was the fact that it was a “Hole N Win” shot.

Those are occasional opportunities for a GT golfer to “wager” for the oppotunity to win money if a hole in one is made. The wager amount is either always 50 cents or a dollar, depending on the pay-out. The potential pay-out is based on difficulty. The potential pay-out  can be anywhere from $10 is … and it has been a LONG time since we’ve seen one this high … $400.

Mine was a 50 cent wager for a $15 pay-out. Yeah, I nailed it! [grins]

That was the first “Hole N Win” on the machine at our bar since late in May.

In fact, here’s that one! :o)

.  . .

After a really quick round of GT, we made it over to Debbie’s house for ger annual Christmas party. LOTS of fun, excellent food, some woman with a stupefyingly beautiful voice sang while Davey played the piano … and the late night tequila was FANTASTIC. I do wish I remembered what the name of it was as it had a fantastically unique and enjoyable taste.

Sadly, it followed a couple of us over to Danny’s place across the street. He and Crazy Steve were texting a mutual friend of ours and me from about 11pm until shortly after 1am, when we finally strolled on over. Enjoyed some of the most outstanding pool I’ve played in YEARS.

Sadly, one of the guys grew weary of me … I guess it’s one thing to play at a bizarre level of excellence … and quite another to have it repeatedly rubbed in by someone talking some major trash.

In the infamous words of Kid Rock, “It ain’t cocky mother $%#@& if you back it up!”

I swear to god, that guy totally kirked out on me!!!! Fortunately for us both, I’m the sort of friend that won’t allow such situation fully melt down.

Granted, we’re both a little bruised and sore … but it’s all good!

. . .

Well, with that little Jerry Springer story in mind … let me part ways with a little remider of that which is … Walmart!